Your Local News Is Important—Especially During A Pandemic

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As important as keeping up with the news is, not all the news is going to apply to you. The national news media makes everything in D.C. seem like a huge deal, when sometimes it might not even affect you. Local and state news coverage is more likely to have information and stories that affect your reality. This is especially true during a pandemic. The national media covers the country's COVID hot spots like crazy, but that might leave you wondering what things are like in your county.

2 September 2021

Looking For A Side Gig? Two Reasons To Become A Notary Public

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These days, trying to cover all of your basic living expenses with just one job isn't always sufficient. Inflation occurs all the time and what used to suffice is quickly consumed when the price of everything from a gallon of milk to the cost of fuel seems to be skyrocketing all at once. If you are searching for some way to bring in extra cash but don't necessarily want to take on a second career, read through the information below to see how you can benefit by becoming a notary public.

25 March 2021

Why You Should Have Your Business Certified if You Are a Veteran

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If you are a veteran, you might think back fondly on the years that you spent in the service. Now, though, you might have decided that you want to do different things in the coming years of your life. For example, you might have decided to open up your own business. This can be a good way to do what you love and to continue to bring in an income now that you are no longer in the service.

19 February 2021