Looking For A Side Gig? Two Reasons To Become A Notary Public

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These days, trying to cover all of your basic living expenses with just one job isn't always sufficient. Inflation occurs all the time and what used to suffice is quickly consumed when the price of everything from a gallon of milk to the cost of fuel seems to be skyrocketing all at once. If you are searching for some way to bring in extra cash but don't necessarily want to take on a second career, read through the information below to see how you can benefit by becoming a notary public.

25 March 2021

Why You Should Have Your Business Certified if You Are a Veteran

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If you are a veteran, you might think back fondly on the years that you spent in the service. Now, though, you might have decided that you want to do different things in the coming years of your life. For example, you might have decided to open up your own business. This can be a good way to do what you love and to continue to bring in an income now that you are no longer in the service.

19 February 2021

Looking for a New Career? Why You Should Enroll in a Personal Training Program

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If you're looking for a new career field, talk to a counselor about becoming a personal trainer. Being a personal trainer is more than teaching people how to exercise properly; although it does include that. Personal training is about helping people meet their goals and improve their lives. Here are just four of the many reasons why you should enroll in a personal training program. Create Your Own Work Setting

18 September 2020

Ready to Enter the Political Arena? 4 Tips to Help You Run for Congress

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If you're tired of the way the United States is being run, get involved. You might think there's nothing you can do to create change. But, that's not the case. Don't sit on the sidelines—get involved in politics. One of the best ways to do that is to run for political office. Don't let your lack of experience keep you from running for political office. Many inexperienced people have run for office and won.

5 May 2020

Politics And Philosophy: Can They Overlap?

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A philosophical debate and a political debate hardly seem to go hand in hand. Yet there are some people who think that these two things easily overlap. The question is, can they really overlap, and if so, how? Books like Thoughtful Pauses: A Political Philosophy more closely investigate these overlaps. Here are some ideas to show how this might be possible.  Personal Philosophy Influences Political Persuasion Philosophy is a way of thinking about a certain subject.

14 December 2019

3 Tips For Protecting Your Well Water

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Having a water well installed on your property can be a great way to save some money, and some people feel that well water just tastes better too. But if you want to keep your well water in top condition, you will want to keep up with some regular maintenance tasks in order to protect its integrity. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your private water well operating properly.

2 February 2017

Politicians And Newspapers: What You Can Believe And Follow Versus What You Can't

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In this major election year, news broadcasts and paper publications are flooded with all kinds of political stories. How much of it should you read and/or pay attention to? What is worth paying attention to? Furthermore, what should you believe when you read it? Here are some tips on how to sort through the political news for the truth at the heart of these reports and stories. Yellow Journalism Versus Regular Publications

17 May 2016

Pie: Remember How It's Spelled To Win A Heaping Slice Of The Millennial Vote In 2016

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Any candidate who hopes to win office in 2016 and retain that office for years to come must court the voters known as millennials. They are the younger voters born after 1982 who ensured Obama's victory by showing up at the polls in 2008. While most millennials (and most voters in general) predictably ignore midterm elections, you can expect them to return to the voting booth for the presidential race in 2016.

15 December 2015