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After living in my home for a few years, I realized that I really needed to start caring more about local politics. I started going through and reading up on the latest judgements that our city voted on, and it was really fascinating to see what they came up with. I realized that if I wanted things to go my way, I needed to become more anxiously involved with local city matters. I started paying closer attention to the city newsletter and sitting in on city council meetings. This blog is all about understanding local politics and doing your part to make things right.

Your Local News Is Important—Especially During A Pandemic

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As important as keeping up with the news is, not all the news is going to apply to you. The national news media makes everything in D.C. seem like a huge deal, when sometimes it might not even affect you. Local and state news coverage is more likely to have information and stories that affect your reality. This is especially true during a pandemic. The national media covers the country's COVID hot spots like crazy, but that might leave you wondering what things are like in your county. Here are four pieces of crucial pandemic information that you can get by tuning into local news coverage.

Local Cases and Hospitalizations

Different parts of the country see COVID cases spike at different times. If the case count in your area is super low, there's no need to go overboard with lockdowns. And vice versa: if the majority of the country is seeing low rates of cases and hospitalizations but your particular county is overrun with COVID, you'll want to take more precautions. And, if you have a surgery coming up that could easily be postponed, you'll want to keep track of how busy your local hospital is. 

Local Mask Mandates

The local news is the perfect place to get the latest information on mask mandates in your area, as well as any other instructions and recommendations from the local and state government. You'll want to stay up to date on this information so you don't find yourself without a mask if you need one to get into a store or doctor's appointment and so that you can know how to help protect people in your community. 

Local Vaccination Rates

Vaccinations can help protect you from developing a severe case of COVID-19, which is great in and of itself. However, vaccinations are the most effective when the majority of the population gets them. That way, the disease isn't spread so quickly and doesn't have as much of a chance to mutate. In order to make personal decisions about how much to go out and be around people in public, you likely will want to know how the vaccinations are going in your state and county. The local news is sure to cover current vaccination rates in your area when they report on the pandemic. 

Local School Openings/Closings

Whether your children's schools have been open a while or are just starting to open again, you'll want to be kept up to date on all the new regulations to keep children safe. You will want to know what circumstances would cause the schools to close again so that you're not caught off guard. You'll want to know what mandates are in place so you can get your children masks if necessary or teach them the importance of social distancing so they don't cause problems in the classroom. Local news coverage will be helpful when you're looking for current COVID information about local schools. 

With a pandemic still raging, you need to know what's happening in your city, not some city thousands of miles away. Check out your local news coverage today.


2 September 2021