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After living in my home for a few years, I realized that I really needed to start caring more about local politics. I started going through and reading up on the latest judgements that our city voted on, and it was really fascinating to see what they came up with. I realized that if I wanted things to go my way, I needed to become more anxiously involved with local city matters. I started paying closer attention to the city newsletter and sitting in on city council meetings. This blog is all about understanding local politics and doing your part to make things right.

3 Tips For Protecting Your Well Water

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Having a water well installed on your property can be a great way to save some money, and some people feel that well water just tastes better too. But if you want to keep your well water in top condition, you will want to keep up with some regular maintenance tasks in order to protect its integrity. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your private water well operating properly.

Get It Tested Every Year

Well water naturally contains minerals that won't be found in tap water. Many of these are healthy for you, but your well water can also accumulate nitrates and bacteria over time if not treated properly. Contact a well water specialist and get your well properly tested once a year. If the nitrate or bacteria levels are too high, the water can be treated and hopefully restored to safer levels.

A Filter Is Your Friend

If you want to ensure that your well water stays healthy all year long, one of the best things you can do is install a filtration system. A filtration system will not just filter out nitrates and bacteria, it can also help remove other contaminants like chemicals, arsenic, and organic compounds. A solid block carbon filtration system is popular with many private well owners so that could be a good starting point if you don't know where to begin. The same well water service that comes out to inspect your well every year can also help you manage the filtration system if needed.

To Protect The Well, Protect Your Yard

For best results, the grounds your well is located on should be kept in top condition. this means you don't want to dispose of anything like fertilizers, paint, fuel oil or other similar liquids anywhere on your property. Create a buffer around the well with landscaping if needed to ensure that no one else will make this mistake. If you have young children, educate your family about this process, although to be honest, a well should always be designated as a "no play" area for obvious safety reasons anyway.

In order to protect the quality of your water well's water, get the well tested annually, regularly replace the filter if necessary and ensure that no potential contaminants are dumped anywhere on your property. For more water well resources, reach out to a water well organization such as a national nonprofit. 


2 February 2017